Mericacy Elevates Your Culinary Elegance & Excellence

We go beyond providing gourmet seafood, we craft experiences that awaken the senses, celebrate tradition, and redefine indulgence.

Our Origin Story

Mericacy was born from a shared love for the sea and its culinary treasures.

Our brand journey began with the aspiration to elevate seafood beyond its ordinary boundaries. With every step, we’ve worked tirelessly to infuse each dish with elegance, excellence, and innovation.

Our Outshining Difference

Mericacy Fish Maw Steak
Sourced from sustainable aquaculture
Economically priced yet superior quality
Thick – around 10mm after soaking
Contains more collagen
Certified Halal, Food Safety, and Zoo Sanitary Certificate by NAFIQAD
From Chinese to Western dishes, and now exploring Malay recipes with our Halal certification
The first fish maw in steak form in the market
Other Brands
Sourced from the sea
Price varies from a few hundred to a few thousand per 100g
Thin and delicate
Low in collagen
No relevant certifications
Limited to Chinese cuisines only
Only available in fish maw form
mericacy logo

Our Emblem of Elegance

“Meri” signifies the sea, women, or wife, while “Cacy” derives from “delicacy,” representing elegance, luxury, and rarity.

When combined, they bring forth the term ‘Star of the Sea’ – our brand identity

The tail extending from the “Y” letter indicates the girl’s identity as a mermaid, symbolizing women of the sea.

In folklore, mermaids are esteemed as majestic occupants of the ocean that exude a sense of grace and grandeur.